Restoration of Mangrove Forest in Bagamoyo – Tanzania under the funding support from WWF – US under Russel E. Train grant. The project implementation is underway. Contact:


Promoting peace and security in Morogoro region through Table Tennis Game in collaboration with Morogoro Secondary School. The project was supported by International Table Tennis Foundation- Germany with cost of $13,290. Contact:


Sustainable horticultural for improvement of community livelihood and biodiversity of Rubeho Forest Reserve in Gairo District, Tanzania. The project was funded by United Nations through The Convention on Biological Biodiversity with grant worth $20,000. The project budget was $35,600. The contact email:


Environment Education in schools for conserving African Elephant in Mikumi National part. The project was funded by Des Elephant Des


Promoting environmental conservation in Morogoro region through Table Tennis Game. The project worth $32,403. Supported by anonymous donors.


Improving sanitation and hygiene to community with people living with HIV/AIDs in Gairo district through installation of Water harvesting systems and Solar PVs in dispensaries. The project implemented in year 2018/2019 under funding support from Embassy of United states through PEPFAR programme with grant worth $14,320. Contact: Email:


Environmental education pilot project in Mikumi National park in 2018 under support of Des Elephant Des Homes (DEDH) in year 2018.The sum of $1340. Contact, Julien Marchais


Enhancing governance sector in natural resources management through SOCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY MONITORING (SAM) in forest sector by The foundation for Civil Society (FCS) in year 2018. Sum of $45,600.


Enhancing Community involvement in six villages adjacent to Mikumi National Park on participatory conservation of African Elephants’ habitats. The Rufford Foundation has supported $19,398,885. Contact details: The project will end 30th of July, 2017.


Reforestation of mangrove forest (Rhizophora mucronata) along the Indian Ocean, Bagamoyo District– Tanzania. WWF US has supported the amount of $18,958,381. The project will end on 31st of August 2016. Contact person:


Project Title “Conserving loveridges Sunbird’s habitat in Uluguru Nature Reserve for enhancing loveridges sunbird’s management and protection” The project was funded by The Mohamed Bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund (MBZ) the amount of $4990. Visit studies-projects/loveridge-sunbird/10086. The contact person: Nicolas Herd, Email:


Project Title “Empowering community in three villages adjacent to Mikumi National Park on participatory management and protection of African Elephants’ habitat – Tanzania”. The project was funded by Rufford Small Grants Foundation (RSG) the amount of $6,680 and was implemented from January 2015 to June 2015. Please visit this link for more information: Contact person: Jane Raymond, email:


Project title “Empowering fisheries’ community in four villages (Mlingotini, Kondo, Pande and Kaole) along Indian Ocean on sustainable fishing in Bagamoyo District, Tanzania”. The project has been supported by WWF – US, Conservation Education Grant the sum of USD 7,000. It ended on October, 2014.


Project title “Participatory Forest Management project in Mkingu Nature Reserve (MkNR) in Mvomero district which is supported by WWF Tanzania Country Office/Mazingira Network Tanzania (MANET) the sum of $31,500. It ended on July 2014. Contact:


Project title “Participatory Conservation of Loveridges Sunbirds’ habitats in Uluguru Nature Reserve (UNR) under IDEA WILD – USA support”. The project was costing $1750.00 where IDEA WILD has supported $1000.00 and it ended December 2013. Contact:


Two dialogues conducted on “Tanzania Constitution Review in Chakwale and Iyogwe wards to 200 participants”. The project was funded by The foundation

for Civil Society Tanzania (FCS) with sum of $6400.00. It was done in August to October 2013. Contact:


Project title “Enhancing the role of women in decision making governance and advocacy for improved livelihoods and natural resources management in rural areas Morogoro region in collaboration with TUSHIKAMANE organization. TUSHIKAMANE means “Togetherness”. The project expended $39,646


Project title “Sustainable Agriculture and Climate change mitigation in Iyogwe ward (Gairo district) Morogoro region” under support from The Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) – Tanzania. It was a six months project which lasted in June 2013. It expended $8,130. Contact:


Advocacy trainings and mobilizing Communities on “Participatory Forest Management (PFM) in four villages adjacent to Mkingu Nature Reserve (MkNR) through VIDEO shows and discussion” under IDEA WILD – US support in year 2012 which donated equipment (1 Projector, 1 Camera and 1 Laptop Computer) where total cost for implementation was $4013.00


Participatory Research on problems facing participatory conservation of natural resources in Tanzania in year 2010 under support of Tanzania Forest Fund (TFF) with amount of $3500.00

CONASU is envisioned on improved Community livelihoods especially to women and youth and natural resources in equitable manner with better living standard in Tanzania Mainland.

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